Sustainable farming
since 5 generations

We control the entire chain of production and processing, to guarantee consumers the most gourmands and responsible products.

Responsible agriculture

We place human development and nature respect at the heart of our business. That’s our strength. We develop our plantations and our bakeries to match with our third parties (customers, partners, suppliers, employees etc.). Not to mention nature expectation, from which we obtain our fruits excellence.

Pomone follows permaculture principles and commits to reduce use of plant protection products and additives, in order to guarantee consumers healthier products, from fork to fork.

Respect for biodiversity

Pomone has made the choice to invest time and resources in observing its ecosystem in order to preserve the natural balance, the only guarantee of a sustainable exploitation of the Earth resources. Nesting boxes and various shelters have been settled to intelligently coexist with the animal species that protect our orchards.

For more than 40 years, we have been studying the local flora and leaving hedgerows intact to maintain a natural habitat for biodiversity. Insects, such as ladybugs or bees, are beneficial to the cultivation of our fruits. Some are naturally fighting aphids while others are actively involved in the pollination process. When certain species disturb crops, Pomone advocates non-aggressive methods to preserve soils, trees and fruits.

Le respect de la biodiversité




The quality of a terroir is the result of know-how (Humans), agronomic qualities (the Earth) and climatic qualities (the environment). If one of these 3 components disappears, we can no longer speak of terroir.

Committed to our territory

Sarazin family has decided to settle in Anjou Val-de-Loire for the exceptional quality of its environment, conducive to the natural culture of the land. Did you know that Angers region was the home of nurseryman André Leroy, author of the dictionary of pomology in 1867 that lists several thousand varieties of apples and pears?

Pomone contributes to sustaining fruit growing in Val-de-Loire and maintaining population in rural areas, to its scale. We also strive to preserve the rivers that make this area famous. Since 1975, the company has been using a drip irrigation system to supply trees water they need without loss. We have installed winter rain collector systems to save water in winter and use it in summer, as well as a wastewater treatment plant.

Attachés à notre territoire