History lasting
since 5 generations


Fruit tree growers from fathers to sons

Pomone is a family story. Since 1890, Sarazin family has grown apples with the same ambition all along: to produce healthier, tastier and sustainable food, from fork to fork.

From the suburbs of Paris to the fertile lands of Anjou Val-de-Loire, the Pomone company has always known how to preserve its independence, thanks to a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. Today, cradled by the Loire, the exploitation of Champigné (49) extends on a rich soil which gives all their flavor to the fruits of our pastries.

Arboriculteurs de pères en fils


La naissance des tartes Pomone
We rely on a sustainable use of technologies to enhance fruits while respecting the environment

The origins of Pomone tarts

In the continuity of family history, François Sarazin decided in 1992 to turn terroir apple generosity into gourmand tarts. Pomone teams up with pastry professionals to make inspired desserts, just like the company values. Our products are tasty because we know how to sustainably obtain the best of our land, generation after generation.
Pomone pastries are the heart of our range. Year after year, new home-made recipes are added to our portfolio and always respecting our family history: the arboriculture of excellence. We rigorously select pears, apricots or lemons that sublimate the crunchiness of our doughs.


The company's family history ensures quality consistency of our products, our service and commitment toward our customers

From melting apples to the power of chocolate

Thanks to our customers trust, Pomone has become one of the tarts manufacturer leaders in France. We strengthened our position in 2001 when a master chocolatier joined our R&D team and with whom we develop gourmet products in the purest French tradition.

Today, Pomone and Sarazin family story continues with you. Pomone has built several production lines that meet the highest quality standards, in order to match the growing demand of our retail and food service customers. We continue our development, in the respect of our stakeholders and our values, in order to sustain the business for the next 5 generations.

Du fondant de la pomme à la puissance du chocolat
Tradition, Créativité, Saveurs et Fraicheur
We will still be here tomorrow, because we are already preparing tomorrow

Tradition, creativity, flavors and freshness, let yourself be tempted by pastries inspired since 5 generations.