Traditional excellence
since 5 generations

Quand la nature communie avec la pâtisserie

When the nature
means pastry

Pomone tarts and desserts are part of family know-how transmitted from generation to generation. Our strength comes from over a hundred years of research and investment in arboriculture and transformation of products from our soil.

Nothing is left to chance to guarantee the taste and olfactory quality of our pastries. We cherish our orchards. Pomone is partners with the European leader in nurseries, as well as with varietal experimentation centers, to continue to learn from our trees and to obtain the best fruits every year.

Crunchy dough, sizing, taste and texture of fruits, power of chocolate... Our desserts reflect our expertise and passion
Le savoir-faire de nos maitres artisans
It’s by taking care of trees and men that we will get the best fruits for our pastries
Our ranges

Our master
craftsmen know-how

Pomone pastries are created and crafted by professionals mastering their art to perfection. Handcrafted in our workshops, from fruit, butter and eggs selected for their taste.

We stick to this philosophy when selecting products that do not come from our orchards, such as chocolate. Pomone has forged strong partnerships with producers who share the same passion and respect for the land. We guarantee the best tasting experience possible for any pastries coming out of our production lines.