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since 5 generations

A selection of the greatest products

Research and development (R&D) is key to our quality approach. Pomone has two R&D laboratories in charge of creating recipes, shaping technical innovation and drawing method improvement.

We drastically select our pastries ingredients. The Managing Team is directly involved in selecting suppliers and ingredients that cannot be produced locally. Customers are assured that Pomone tarts and desserts all meet Sarazin family values.

Thanks to our vertical integration, we control the entire production and processing chains to guarantee consumers gourmand and responsible products.
For Pomone, a respectful resources management is not an option but a duty to our customers and our territory.

Innovation to serve quality

From our orchards to our pastries, we ensure perfect product traceability with clear and transparent origins. Our approach in sustainable arboriculture allows us to offer high quality products. We even offer organic certified products.

Pomone always aims at offering healthier food. Our team relies on the latest techniques to improve sustainable farming. Nature is so complex that it requires time, humility, knowledge and work to achieve balance.

IFS Food
BRC Food Certificated

Certified quality

Quality is our core concern. Pomone has steadily raised its standards in past years. In 1997, we obtained our first certification, adopting the “Integrated Fruit Production” standard. It highlights the high quality fruits grown in respect of the environment.

Certifications then succeeded one another enhancing Pomone’s commitment and professionalism: Eurep-Gap, Global-Gap, Nurture, IFS or BRC. TThis quality focus is rooted in our family business culture.

Today, our orchards are certified eco-responsible. We aim to achieve the highest of three levels of environmental certification: High Environmental Value.

In 2019, the company obtained the PME + label, which rewards the best CSR practices of French SMEs of excellence, with a score of 88/100.