Who are we?

once upon a time Pomone…


Above all else, Pomone is a family business and know-how: fruit tree growing. We have been growing fruits in the Loire Valley (also called the Valley of the Kings of France) for 5 generations. Rocked by the Loire, our company spreads over a rich home soil providing our fruits with all of its flavours.

In 1992, we decided to combine the generosity of our local apple with the delicacy of the tart. The SARAZIN family developed a partnership with professionals specialized in confectionery to prepare cakes in the very image of the company: a mix of modernity and tradition.

We transmit in our products the richness given by our soils and we select the best fruits to make the tastiest tarts: apple tart, Norman tart, tarte Tatin…

The Pomone cakes represent our core range. As an invitation to moments of friendliness and sharing, our tasty products mix the crunchy part of the pastry with the softness of the apple.

Throughout the years, Pomone has managed to distinguish itself by offering new recipes always based on our core business, tree growing. Whether dealing with pears, apricots or even lemons, we always select our fruits with care to create the best products.

Thanks to our customers and their trust, Pomone has become one of the leaders in tart making in France. A position that was reinforced in 2001 thanks to the hiring of a Master Chocolate maker within our R&D Department with whom we create tasty, chocolate desserts in the purest French tradition.

Above all else, Pomone is a family know-how that has been transmitted from generation to generation. Our richness comes from our soils and our fruits that are tasted from « farm to fork ».

Tradition, Creativity, Flavours, Freshness, give in to temptation and try Pomone unique recipes…